December 2015
Following meetings in China with Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital and Advocate Health, agreement was reached to move forward with the development of a collaboration program that would use Convergence CT’s database technology and services to support collaborative projects between Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital and Advocate Health in the area of cardiovascular disease.  The collaboration program is intended to support efforts by both organizations to improve the quality of care for cardiovascular patients.

Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital is a hospital system based in Wuhan, Hubei, China, with approximately 2,500 hospital beds, and is considered to be the leading private hospital system in China for cardiovascular care and treatment.

Addtional meetings were held in Beijing with the Ministry of Health for Beijing municipality about cooperative opportunities with Advocate Health and Convergence CT, particularly around the use of the analytic systems developed at Advocate for breast cancer patients.  Senior officials in the Ministry of Health – Beijing munincipality have agreed to begin preparations for a program to bring the breast cancer analytics program developed by Advocate Health and Convergence CT to be implemented in the Ministry of Health hospitals in Beijing.

The Ministry of Health Beijing Munincipality is responsible for public hospitals and healthcare in the greater Beijing municipal area which has a population of over 21 million people.

Advocate Health is a leading U.S. integrated delivery network based in Illinois, with over 3,000 hospital beds and 250 points of care. 


January 14, 2015

Convergence CT and SAP have entered into a Partnership Edge agreement for the continued development of products based upon SAP Business Objects and the HANA high-performance in-memory database.

The Convergence CT vision for transforming health research is based upon bringing together disparate patient data sources, converging and harmonizing key elements to drive rapid delivery of analytics across health care organizations worldwide.

Partner Edge provides Convergence CT developers with access to SAP technical resources, software, and marketing support. Convergence CT can now also provide SAP software and licenses for customers of its big-data analytic products.


Convergence CT Announces CCT Health Insights

Convergence CT (CCT) leverages over a decade of deep experience with healthcare data systems, contents, and protocols worldwide into creating a converged, harmonized data resource to support a variety of analytics, data mining, and research queries.

This unique resource will enable and empower the transformation of health care delivery and medical research on a worldwide scope to improve new drug effectiveness and patient care for all.

Building upon its award-winning Startup Focus product and SAP's high-performance HANA database, CCT's Health Insights network can access today's vast jumble of fragmented health data sources, both existing and emerging, to create a truly integrated and consistent information store that can then drive a spectrum of analytic products, all drawing upon elements in the Health Insights resource. SAP's suite of Business Objects and predictive modeling tools can then be applied to the data to yield actionable insights more quickly than ever possible previously.

CCT's Health Insights - a Revolution in a Nutshell:

tom summerfelt youtube


Deployment in the United States and Asia:

CCT's Health Insights information network is based in the US, with an operations center in the midwest, connecting large regional group providers and integrated delivery networks with hospitals and medical groups in Japan and Taiwan, with expansion into China and other far east countries. The Asia-Pacific region represents the fastest-growing population of patients on earth and is a focus for medical research and pharmaceutical trials.

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Convergence CT Mines Breast Cancer Data with SAP HANA     

Advocate Health Care's VP of Research, Tom Summerfelt, describes performance improvements gained by using SAP HANA with the Convergence CT solution for clinical analytics and patient population management in an interview at SAPPHIRE:

tom summerfelt youtube

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