Convergence CT's Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) for Healthcare Organizations

Convergence CT's Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) product suite provides secure informatics collection, convergence, analysis, and management software to accelerate clinical trial research and operational efficiency while preserving patient confidentiality in a secure remote access environment.

Healthcare organizations can leverage the capabilities of CDW to achieve benefits not possible with isolated vertical data collections:

  • Consolidated Electronic Health Record (EHR) of patient profiles and histories with access to location, patient, encounter, laboratory, outcome, and accounting data
    • Enable clinical trial recruitment screening within patient base
    • Perform care delivery benchmarking for internal business optimization
    • Investigate operational factors, treatment patterns, and length of stay
    • Facilitate outcomes analysis, comparisons with peer healthcare organizations
  • Natural-language query tool to screen trial protocols across in-care patient set
  • Immediate analysis of results and data export in a rights-managed framework
  • Encryption of external information flows during all operations and transfers
  • Fully compliant with governmental regulation of Protected Health Information (PHI) via disclosure management, auditable historic logs, and de-identification of PHI
  • Enables cohort collaboration with Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, who are defining trial protocols, without the need to reenter data or repeat queries
  • Lower the cost of administering healthcare operations while improving trial efficiency
To read more about the exciting advantages that Convergence CT's Clinical Data Warehouse can bring to your organization, review the Product Data Sheet, request the Product Overview, or contact a sales representative for more information.

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